Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Location Intelligence: Leveraging the Power of Canadian Postal Code Mapping

In the business world, location is the new intelligence. Providing a location based view to helps businesses maintain a competitive edge. Today, a postal address means much more than just sending mail. Businesses are able to use location intelligence to leverage Postal Code data to better address market opportunities and risks in an effort to grow their business and make more efficient.

When defining Location Intelligence, it is often described as the ability to visualize geographic and spatial data to gain vital business insights and make better business decisions. Location intelligence software allows businesses to view detailed color-coded maps and work with interactive analytics. By consolidating a geospatial database enterprise, businesses are better able to leverage location based data such as postal codes to gain a more insightful view when they evaluate their competitors, profile customers and potential customers, manage their marketing budget assets, and identify new business opportunities.
Location intelligence services help a business better target marketing potential, reduce risk, and streamline operational efficiencies. By using Address Recognition and Address Geocoding web services and software, a business is better able to leverage address recognition where they have the ability to correct, standardize, and verify addresses. Utilizing address geocoding gives businesses the ability to visualize a validated address while also geocoding other places in the area using postal codes such as streets, nearby businesses, competitors, supply routes, intersections, and more, with the highest level of accuracy. Location intelligence databases provide access to real-time updates of reliable location content. The database contains a wealth of not just addresses, but also address-related content. The result is reliable information about a potential market that allows for better addressing of risk and opportunity.
Geocoding is an essential component of location intelligence. The process of geocoding an address involves assigning a unique latitude and longitude to a physical location. It can pinpoint the location down to the building rooftop. By leveraging location intelligence using postal code mapping, businesses can integrate data about policies, terrain, geographical boundaries, routing, and demographics. They have the ability to visually and identify their risk exposures, and mitigate those risks.
In terms of sales, marketing, and distribution, location intelligence using postal code maps helps businesses leverage such vital business operation areas. Such knowledge and benefits that can be extracted include: optimize sales processes, identify areas of market potential, and match networks, sales, and marketing, in order to make the most out of that market's potential. As well, businesses can utilize demographics, consumer buying trends, and lifestyle information to better understand their customers and develop better customer service programs in order to realize the highest sales potential.
Today, more businesses are realizing the benefits and necessity of using location intelligence solutions to grow and expand their business while maintaining competitiveness in such a highly competitive world. Using such solutions as postal code maps allows businesses to gather vital data to help them make better businesses decisions that ultimately leads to success. Using postal code maps definitely improves a businesses bottom line.

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