Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Location-based marketing ‘is game-changing’

Companies establishing a pay per click strategy might want to look at their location-based marketing strategies in light of comments made recently by one expert.
In an article for Direct Marketing News, Carol Krol stated that this form of campaign enables firms to narrow down their targets.
She explained that companies might be able to advertise to consumers who are not only "in the mood to buy", but who are also located near a place where they can make a purchase.
Luke Gebb, vice-president of global network marketing at American Express described location-based marketing as a "game-changing" development.
Ms Krol noted that better technology for implementing this form of pay per click advertising strategy is becoming available, notably in the form of online maps showing customers where points of sale are situated.
This comes after senior research analyst at Econsultancy Jake Hird claimed it is increasingly important for smaller businesses to concentrate their efforts on localised search engine optimisation techniques.

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