Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bing Maps for Business Intelligence

Many companies consider business intelligence (BI) a “must-have” for improving decision making and organizational performance.  But BI falls short unless you’re able to share the information throughout the company. Bing maps provide the vehicle for sharing Business Intelligence insight at all levels of the organization to drive performance. Sales, marketing, service, and operations will better understand and interpret data, quickly, and make better decisions by sharing up-to-date information in Bing maps.

We are visual creatures and maps have proven to be a powerful way for us to quickly grasp information relationships. A web-based mapping system helps users find data relationships, trends, and patterns that often lie hidden in spreadsheets, conventional database reports, listings, or static wall maps littered with push pins.
 Map with Custom Branding
 View Webinars on Bing Maps
 Sample BI Map

With this powerful “Location Intelligence” compound of BI, organizations can more readily identify business growth opportunities, choose profitable locations for expansion, focus sales and marketing resources, and improve information sharing throughout the organization. InfoGrow integrates the visualization power of mapping for better decision making at all levels and helps all types of organizations gain a competitive advantage.

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