Saturday, 26 March 2011

Leica Geosystems uses 3D laser scanning to capture room geometries

Leica Geosystems has come up with a new 3D laser scanning system to capture the spatial geometry of a room.

Previously, auralisation techniques, which capture a room’s acoustic parameters, have been done aurally and visually, these techniques, however, are limited and prone to inaccuracy. Leica Geosystems has now used 3D laser scanning as a more effective, quicker alternative. Speed can be a key factor when time-frames are short.

Working for Swiss-based building analysis company Martin Felde, Leica Geosystems used Leica ScanStation C1 to capture the room from different standpoints. Leica Cyclone was used later to fill in any non-visible sections such as window-sills and treads etc.

Leica ScanStation C10’s integrated 360-degree digital camera was used to integrate further necessary visualisations and photographic details. Being able to do this is useful for situations such as when details have to be checked back at the office or when the surface definition can’t be clearly determined on the point clouds. The files could then be archived and used for subsequent projects.

A spokesperson for Leica Geosystems said, “3D laser scanning allows room geometries to be captured quickly and precisely. Based on the 3D models, the auralisation program visualises the actual room acoustics, which can then be optimised if necessary.”

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