Thursday, 17 March 2011

FortiusOne Rebrands as GeoIQ

Today FortiusOne is announcing a rebranding initiative to better highlight our many innovative offerings.  We will now operate as GeoIQ, the name of the leading software platform that powers our suite of location analysis and visualization products. Thank you for your loyalty to the FortiusOne brand over the past six years. 

“The name GeoIQ in five letters describes what we do and the market we will continue to lead - location intelligence," said Frank Moyer, CEO. “The company has experienced huge growth due to the adoption of GeoIQ across both the government and commercial marketplaces.  GeoIQ is incredibly well recognized by our customers and more intuitively informs potential users of the value we deliver.”
The FortiusOne brand will be phased out of company communications and GeoIQ will now be seen on the company website, product announcements, customer and partner wins and at the over 40 events, conferences and tech expos we attend and headline throughout 2011.
The FortiusOne brand dates back to the company’s inception in 2005 when founder Sean Gorman’s doctoral thesis sparked a stir in Washington and promoted the funding of a new start-up.  The company began work analyzing the strength of infrastructure networks for the US government – which Sean aptly named, ‘FortiusOne’ - meaning Stronger One.   Since 2005, the company has continued success in the government marketplace and has extended the core capabilities of the GeoIQ platform to fulfill the growing needs of enterprise marketers.  GeoIQ is widely recognized across both the government and commercial markets as the leading data sharing, analysis and visualization platform.
The GeoIQ Platform includes products built for geospatial data exploration, visualization and analysis.  GeoIQ also powers the over 23,000 member GeoCommons community where anyone can find, use and share data and maps. 

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