Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ascribe Go Live with Innovative Geo-Spatial Reporting application at Leicester City Council

4th May 2011 – Ascribe is pleased to announce the successful ‘Go Live' of a new Geo-Spatial data application by Leicester City Council, which will provide information and mapping of anti-social behaviour incidents in the city.

The Geo-Spatial solution features a sophisticated search facility which combines results from a number of separate data sources; it also provides interactive maps and tabular views of incident data. The solution provides the ability to search (or limit) results from ‘super output' and postcode levels, all the way down to exact longitude/latitude positions, and can provide images such as graffiti tags associated with incidents. In addition, coloured shape data representing crime (or deprivations statistics for example) can be overlaid on the map providing point and shape date within the one view.
Ascribe logo
Ascribe logo

The purpose of the application is to provide Leicester City Council (LCC) staff with a very powerful tool for monitoring anti-social behaviour incidents and to improve efficiencies in investigating incidents and to reduce errors. The primary usage of the application relates to safeguarding vulnerable children and adults; however it will also enhance the analytical capabilities of the council and support the delivery of improved services.

The solution is attracting significant interest within the council and from partner organisations such as Leicestershire Constabulary and NHS Trusts. Further afield the map application is being demonstrated at national-level local authority forums and Microsoft is interested in adding the solution to its Azure platform which showcases best of breed solutions.

LCC sought a Business Intelligence (BI) specialist to help develop a roadmap to improve the way information is collected, stored and communicated.

Marlo Valente, Head of ICT at Leicester City Council selected Ascribe.

"Microsoft recommended Ascribe Consulting as they were a finalist for global BI ‘Partner of the Year' and have a strong reputation for innovative solutions. Ascribe delivered more than we had originally planned and provided the support we needed, we certainly benefited by this solid and trustworthy partnership", explained Marlo Valente.

Mr Valente continued on to say, "A key aspect of the project is the ability of LCC to track incidents and this improved visibility will help to protect vulnerable people from anti-social behaviour. For the first time LCC can now see incidents reported in separate systems across the council in a specific locality, who has been impacted and who may be left vulnerable from the impact of anti-social behaviour."

Speaking on behalf of Ascribe, Paul Henderson, Business Intelligence lead for Ascribe said, "Working closely with Leicester City Council has enabled us to rapidly deploy a solution that is already delivering solid benefits to the Council and their residents. The improvements in the communication and graphical display of data are built upon a platform that can be extended to meet future requirements."

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